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Hi there

to those that are watching this review and to the artist. I will be honest I didn't listen to this track originally with the same sound track. It would be just the same if you used "Would" by Alice in Chains. So my compliments.

I Love it

I know this is an older submission, but I was wondering if you are going to continue this series? I love it just love it. And I am praying that you make more for this animation.

Ten out of ten

You all kick ass. I love the collaboration. Now here is a question from a new artist. Do you think you all would be able to use one of my tracks for a new flash collaboration. Just look under Satanicarmysoldier in the audio portal. If you all think you could just leave a message on one of my audio submissions. I think that you tallented folks could do it. Thanks for the entertainment and I look forward to more from y'all

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There were a few things I would have tried to change, but the game was very addictive. So much so I book-marked it. So keep up the good work.


This is a great brain game. I will say I played this for a little bit and I got to level 16 before it completely sumpted me. Thanks for the challenge.

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Not a big fan of trance but....

I am not a big fan of trance but I enjoyed this very much. Keep up the good work.

AdmiralConquistador responds:

I've ignored you too long. Reviews will be poured upon you from the heavens!



This isn't a bad piece. Although I wouldn't have put it in industrial. It wasn't I felt hard enough for the industrial I have listened to. But that is just my honest opinion. Otherwise a good piece.


THis has to be one of your best pieces so far. Although I think that it could have gone alot longer than it did. Even if it stands alone it isn't bad. I just feel it could have been longer. Killer track. Thanks for another great track.

AdmiralConquistador responds:

Yea I think this one is going to be my best when completed, just wait for it :)


Music, Animation and Games. I will watch or listen to anything that catches my attention. I just hope it is worth my attention.

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